Welcome to the official website of guitarist/composer Toby Knapp. Since being discovered by world class guitar talent scout Mike Varney in the early 90's, Knapp has went on to record and have several albums released by prestigious labels such as Shrapnel Records, Century Media, Moribund Records, Pure Steel, Rock it Up, Roadrunner, Wild Rags, Shredguy and Transcending Obscurity Records. Knapp is known as a significant force in multiple Metal genres such as Progressive, Traditional Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. Knapp's work has earned him a modest fanbase of listeners who have sought him out in the underground and have been audience to a unique, unpredictable and esoteric musical journey. The Journey continues and this is the official source for news, music, merchandise, performances, pics and archives of the past.  






"Knapp is an axe wizard who is a firestorm of razor-sharp riffery"- Brave words & Bloody Knuckles

"Knapp is an axe wizard who is a firestorm of razor-sharp riffery"- Brave words & Bloody Knuckles

Self nurturing and happy thoughts in uncertain times.  

When you visit Yellowstone and all it's magical wonders, you are seeing the instrument of your doom.

A pyroclastic flow is referred to in Wikimedia as "a fast moving current of hot gas and volcanic matter". If you even see it you are probably done for. The hellish hot lava flow of fiery death can flow uphill and cross bodies of water. When it hits you, you become part of it's flow. You are part of the apocalypse machine. It's overdue to blow. It creates unpleasant worldwide chain reactions. 

The chance of nuclear war is not a possibility, it is a certainty. Each year determines how likely it is to occur within that time frame. If you are like me, you live in the "nuclear sponge" which is the first kill zone. Missiles are placed heavily in Montana, Wyoming, etc. in hopes that our adversaries obliterate us before striking more populated areas. Even now, legislation is being passed to fortify the kill zones. None of this matters because in a nuclear war, strategies might buy a few minutes. 

Either one of these events is quite likely within twenty years. We get front row seats. If you think about it, the end is well underway. 

Have a fantastic day! Toby 


Release date for solo album announced and more! 

Moribund Records has set the release date for my solo album "From the Aether"! June 11th the record will be out worldwide on cd and  all digital and streaming platforms. I hope to play some regional shows (possibly more) this summer to support the album. Of course in these times it is too difficult to say for sure! Artwork unveiled soon!

The Where Evil Follows album is coming along quickly with five songs already finished. If I can compete it within a month or two it will most likely be out this fall. WEF will also be released on Moribund Records and I will seek a vinyl license deal as well. 

Mathias Kamijo of Sweden's legendary Black Metal band, Algaion, has begun a side project and I will be contributing guitar work to that as well! Mathias has already sent me three songs to start work on. I discovered Algaion twenty six years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. I can only think of a small number of musicians I would actively seek to work with and Kamijo is one of them!

There are more things in the works and I will post them here as they are solidified!

Thank you for your support!  Toby 

New Accounts on Twitter and Instagram, finally. 




Where Evil Follows album info! 

I am midway through the recording of the second WEF album. I had not planned on doing this album! After I finished my solo album a floodgate of new material emerged. Writing music can be a difficult process so when inspiration strikes, I go with it until it's drained. 

The working title of the album is "Dragon of Revelation" and I will be writing the lyrics and handling the vocals. The music calls for something abrasive yet melodic and I am confident I can do it. If I decide I'm unhappy with my voice, I have options. So far, so good.

As with the first album, this one will be released on Moribund Records. The album will be out sometime in 2021! As news is available, I will post it here. 

Thanks for your support! Toby 


As I have mentioned, I've just finished my instrumental guitar album for Moribund Records. "From the Aether" will be released worldwide in late May/early June. 

Recording that album seemed to turn on a creative flow that is continuing. I am very much into Traditional Heavy Metal right now, so the time is right for another album that showcases the genre. Work on the second Where Evil Follows album has begun!

WEF signed to Moribund Records in 2014 and our debut "Portable Darkness" was released the following year. The project was named after an Onward song because I wanted to tour and play Onward music while forging ahead simultaneously. 

WEF has a new vocalist whom will be revealed at a later date. Onward and Necrytis listeners can expect a total return to bombastic yet melodic Traditional Heavy/Power Metal. I estimate the album out this summer on Moribund Records. Thanks for your support!


Track listing for new solo album! 

I can't believe I finished this album! The writing and creative process kept coming and going throughout the last year.  I can usually crank albums out very quickly without doubt or second guessing. Remember,  "From the Aether" was going to be a complete departure from heavy metal.  It started as a blues album.  The end result is a pure heavy metal onslaught that utilizes everything from vintage neoclassical metal to black metal. Hopefully you enjoy it!

I am preparing the album today to ship out to maestro musician and engineer Brett Hansen of Audio Arts Studio in Las Vegas. His contributions to my music since my debut album on Shrapnel Records in 1993 have been invaluable.

Track listing for Toby Knapp "From the Aether" coming summer 2021 on Moribund Records:

1. Scavenger of the Gods 

2. From the Aether

3. The Emerald Tablet 

4. Labyrinthine Windings 

5. Honorius 

6. Psychic Contagion 

7. Scythian Sea 

8. The Greater Fortune 

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New Toby Knapp album on the way! 

My new solo instrumental album "From the Aether" is finally finished! Eight new traditional heavy metal tracks with tons of neoclassical guitar work! Next on the agenda is to mix the album and send it off to be mastered. Moribund Records will be releasing the record when everything is turned in. I am hoping to have the album out before the summer. 

In other news, Waxen's "Blasphemer in Celestial Courts" will be released on limited edition colored vinyl format later in the year! More details very soon. 

I finally am active on Instagram. I'll be posting pics of my favorite musical instruments and classic metal and rock lp's! Join me here:

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Finally,  I don't know what to say about any future live performances. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I have remained healthy throughout the covid bullshit by strictly following the guidelines. Obviously most musicians are in the same holding pattern at this time. 

Everyone take care and thank you for your support!  Toby 

 "Toby Knapp remains one of metal's unappreciated geniuses." THE METAL CRYPT 2015

"Toby Knapp remains one of metal's unappreciated geniuses." THE METAL CRYPT 2015