What do I think of my solo albums?

1. Guitar Distortion (1993 Shrapnel Records)

I was twenty years old and Mike Varney hooked me up with drummer Ray Luzier and producer/guitarist, Tony Fredianelli. At the time, this made some shred guitar traditionalists angry and I took a lot of criticism. Time has put this album into the proper perspective. It's great musicians working together creating some progressive instrumental thrash metal. The drumming and odd meter rhythms are the focal point. It's good. It's Shrapnel Records quality and still has a strong fanbase. 

2. Polarizing Lines (2006 Metalbolic Records)
I think this, Guitar Distortion and Transmission to Purgatory are my best. This is the album I worked the hardest on. If it took days to play something the way I heard it in my head, so be it. Flawless and virtuosic. I didn't have a record deal secured when I recorded this, I think that gave the music a bit more fire and determination. Great album. 

3. Misanthropy Divine (2009 Rock it Up Records)
This has some metal songs on it but is not a metal album. I was listening to lots of Robert Fripp, Andy Summers, Alex Lifeson and Jimmy Page during the writing stage and it shows. Lots of Page-ish chord voicings, Rush/Police styled reggae music. I was into music and song construction at this time instead of soloing. Good album. 

4. The Campaign (2010 Shredguy Records)
This album is horrible and unlistenable. Stupid songs, bad riffs, unfocused, awful production, etc. There's a good guitar solo on "Telekinesis", good riffs on "Conspire" and a good song "Reanimation" with Attila Csihar on vocals. This album is bad. Don't record an album drunk is the lesson here. 

5. Static Warfare (2013 Shredguy Records)
This one turned out good because I had taken a lengthy break from music and was inspired to return. This is pretty progressive stuff at times but the guitar solos were basic. I was listening to Voivod, Emperor, King Crimson and just not caring about "shred'". I wanted good songs with a lot of thought put into the arrangements. I redeemed myself a little on this one after the bullshit that was "The Campaign". Good album. 

6.The Architect of Paradox (2016 Crushing Notes Entertainment)
This has some really good and melodic songs with some nice guitar work. I think the sloppy and overdone legato solos ruined what could've been a truly great album. I thought I was playing great at the time but now I look back and cringe. It's okay. 

7. Blizzard Archer (2019 Moribund Records)
I think this album sounds great. Most of the songs are good and the guitar playing is really fiery. The opening track "All Hands Planted" came out excellent but the title track grates on my nerves. This was a moderately successful album and seems to have found a fanbase. It's more like a traditional metal album with guitar solos instead of vocals. It's good. 

8. From the Aether (2022 Moribund Records)
It's pretty mediocre. The production sucks and the songs just kind of go nowhere. A lot of people liked it though and it sells well. If you like Traditional Heavy Metal with hot guitar solos you'll probably enjoy it. I just don't. It's okay. 

9. Transmission to Purgatory (2023 Moribund Records)
This is really good. The songs, solos and production blow the previous album away. I put more time into it and there's no "filler". If I can keep improving from this point onward, I think I'll finally be getting somewhere. I can hear traces of the guitarist I want to be on this album. This is a balance of the violent Thrash Metal of my debut combined with strong Neoclassical metal. Great album.