Welcome to the official website of guitarist/composer Toby Knapp. Since being discovered by world class guitar talent scout Mike Varney in the early 90's, Knapp has went on to record and have several albums released by prestigious labels such as Shrapnel Records, Century Media, Moribund Records, Pure Steel, Rock it Up, Roadrunner, Wild Rags and Transcending Obscurity Records. Knapp is known as a significant force in multiple Metal genres such as Progressive, Traditional Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal. Knapp's work has earned him a modest fanbase of listeners who have sought him out in the underground and have been audience to a unique, unpredictable and esoteric musical journey. The Journey continues and this is the official source for news, music, merchandise, performances, pics and archives of the past.  






"Knapp is an axe wizard who is a firestorm of razor-sharp riffery"- Brave words & Bloody Knuckles

Toby Knapp "Transmission to Purgatory" cd
  • Toby Knapp "Transmission to Purgatory" cd

Toby Knapp "Transmission to Purgatory" cd

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Shrapnel Records Alumni, Toby Knapp, returns with his ninth solo album. "Transmission" contains eight songs filled with searing guitar solos and melodic heavy metal song structures that will appeal to fans of old school instrumental guitar records. Recommended to fans of Yngwie, Blackmore, Takasaki, Uli Roth and Schenker! U.S. orders only.

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Toby Knapp "Transmission to Purgatory" footnotes.  

Feb. 27th 2024
Here I am, thirty years into my "career" (labor of love). I'm on the cusp of turning 52 and my ninth solo album, "Transmission to Purgatory" is released worldwide by the ever supportive, Moribund Records. 
I felt I should say a few words about it. I began recording while I was stuck at home with covid in 2021. I just remember tons of old school heavy metal riffs coming to me and I recorded all of them for future use.
For the most part, I would write entire songs and then solo over them where applicable. There are a few songs where the guitar melodies led the way (Damnation's Corridor, Abramelin Carousel) and the whole mindset was "anything goes, but keep it in the 80's". This music sounds like my earliest demos. It's raw, budgetless and from the heart. The album sounds oddball and out of place when compared to the other metal albums coming out today. It's my own path and I'll continue walking it for better or worse and regardless of trends.
Some of the music was taken from a blues album I had planned thus the slide guitar segment and the heavy influence of the Yardbirds trinity; Beck, Clapton and Page. It inevitably went metal because the mid-eighties heavy metal influences are so heavily ingrained. Akira Takasaki, George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.
I used an Ibanez Tube Screamer into a Marshall MG100 head line in to an ancient Fostex MR-8 MK.2. The guitars were various Fender and Squier Stratocasters. I used the old Alexis drum machine from 1990. I tried to slow down my playing and  concentrate on phrasing, vibrato and sustaining notes. I mixed everything down to a master cd on a TEAC CD recorder. This isn't my last solo album but it is my last low budget, drum machine bedroom recording. 
"Transmission to Purgatory" isn't my best nor worst album. It's just a continuation of what I do and I hope you enjoy it. Now, onto the new Onward album.....
Thanks for listening!

Updates! Winter 2023/24 

We are working on getting dates locked in for a regional tour (and maybe more) for 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

“Your Last Rites” webzine recently included Onward's “Evermoving” in their list of the 50 greatest U.S. Power Metal albums of all time. Ave Noctum webzine included Waxen's “Die Macht Von Hassen” in their writer's top 10 lists of best albums of 2023.

WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, Va. has recently been playing tracks from Knapp's first album, Guitar Distortion, on their shred guitar program “Guitar Inferno”. Chicago's Metalmouth Radio has also put some of Knapp's early music in heavy rotation. 

Amazon and several other outlets are accepting preorders for Toby's new album “Transmission to Purgatory” and we have a link above. Get your orders in!

The music player at the top of this page contains 13 Toby Knapp mp3s, download em' for free! We will periodically change the featured tracks. 

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Toby Knapp solo album and new Onward music 2024! 

Toby Knapp's ninth full length album “Transmission to Purgatory” will be released worldwide by Moribund Records in February 2024. A series of solo shows will be announced near the release date, stay tuned!

Onward have begun writing music for the follow up to last year's critically acclaimed comeback album “Of Epoch and Inferno”. Onward have recruited Necrytis drummer, Shane Wacaster, to handle all percussion duties for this record. The album will be released on cd format by Moribund Records with Alone Records Greece once again handling the vinyl pressing. Check back for updates!

The Toby Knapp Merchandise shop will be back soon. Thanks for your patience and support!


Toby Knapp updates Spring 2023! 

The vinyl pressing of Onward's “Of Epoch and Inferno” has been released by Greek label “Alone Records”. Limited pressings of both yellow and black vinyl are available directly through Alone Records or this website (check our merchandise page).

Waxen's 6th album has been released via Moribund Records. “Die Macht Von Hassen” contains Waxen's most aggressive material to date and features some guest session drum work from the great M Ahrin (Graveland, Celtic Dance). 

New Waxen album and Guest appearance on Dead Earth's new album! 

Waxen's 6th album "Die Macht Von Hassen" will be released on Moribund Records in May 2023! The album features some killer drumming from Ahrin of Graveland!

I have also contributed some guest guitar work to Mathias Kamijo's new project "Dead Earth". Mathias was at the helm of legendary bands such as Algaion, Morifade in addition to being the live guitarist for Hypocrisy. Check out a tune with my solo here: DEAD EARTH TRACK

Onward "Of Epoch and Inferno" unleashed! 

The long awaited Onward album "Of Epoch and Inferno" is scheduled for release via Moribund Records 10/28/22! Alone Records Greece will be issuing a limited edition vinyl pressing in 2023 and you can preorder the Lp here: Onward vinyl preorder

Onward CD preorder 

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"Hold on to your horns because you’re about to be taken on the ride of your life from the furthest depths of space to the darkest pits of hell. Knapp has rightly become part of the underground elite and a pioneering force in the scene." metalnexus.net 2017

Knapp in Guitar World 2010 "Ozzy" issue.