Onward "Reawaken": with Toby Knapp
  • Onward "Reawaken": with Toby Knapp
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"Onward is a band that burst upon the scene with their debut album "Evermoving" last year. The album was a fan favorite as well as garnering a lot critical acclaim and ended up in more than a few Top Ten lists. Following up an album that did this well might give a few bands a bit of a pause heading into the studio but apparently not Onward. "Reawaken" starts off where "Evermoving" left off and then takes it to another level of complexity and guitar heroics courtesy of Toby Knapp.

To pinpoint the bands sound is a little difficult since at times they mesh a lot of genres together. Mixing prog, power and classic metal in a seamless display of songwriting really showcases the talent within the band. A lot of the attention is focused upon Toby (and for good reason) but this is more than just an album with a brilliant guitarist. In my opinion it is the songs that stand out more than the solo wizardry and to be honest I think this a much bigger compliment to Toby's abilities as a guitarist rather than the intense shredding that most people seem to focus on. Admittedly there is plenty of mind numbing guitar solo's to make you drool but they are all kept within the framework of the song and never takes the attention off of the overall feel of the music"- The Metal Crypt review (2002)

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