Wrapping up the Where Evil Follows album!

I certainly didn't expect to be doing another WEF album, especially after just finishing my solo instrumental album (which is being prepared for release).

Recording the solo album seemed to open up a lot of ideas; writing better arrangements, higher standard of performance, recording quality. The solo album felt like a preparation for the WEF album in hindsight.

Although I do agree that you should write music for yourself, this one is for the listeners that want a specific Traditional Heavy/Power Metal sound from me. This time I was more than happy to oblige.

I also worked quickly because I asked Moribund Records to give me a deadline in order to make their 2021 release schedule. I work better under a little pressure. 

So now it's onto recording bass, lead guitar and vocals. The fun part!

Stay tuned and thanks for listening! Toby 

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