Spring 2018 Updates!

"A lot has happened since the last time this page has been updated. In late 2017 I finished writing and recording the guitar parts for the Necrytis project I am involved with. This is the second album "Dread En Ruin" which will be released worldwide by Pure Steel Records this summer. On this album I was pushing my playing to the limit both rhythmically and solo wise and started to feel some minor pain in my left hand. Like a fool I ignored it and began another project within days of Necrytis's completion. 

Moribund Records recently agreed to take on my solo instrumental albums and gave me a two album deal specifically for that music- which is a new direction for Moribund's label. Of course I was and am excited because this means strong- in the stores- distribution for my solo albums. I titled the record "Blizzard Archer" and wrote and tracked the entire album. I recorded the guitar solos to only one song "Cold Warrior" and felt my hand "blow out" during the solo. I wanted to put down the guitar for awhile but a show in Billings, Mt. had been booked and I didn't want to cancel. I played the hour long live set (which consisted of an hour of instrumental, technical guitar driven instrumental music). A few days later my left hand felt very numb and weak. 

Perhaps in a state of fear that I had recorded my last music, I asked Shredguy Records to include the one song I finished from my now "on hold" instrumental album; "Cold Warrior" on the career retrospective cd "Archives of Magick Vol. 3". Luckily this was a case of tendonitis and I did not touch the guitar for two months. Had I continued going at the rate I've been going this would develop into something worse, so I have to pick my projects carefully from now on. There is still much more music to come. Maybe not four albums a year though. I want to perform live as often as possible but I wish to do that with an established band instead of pre-recorded backing tracks.

Once my hand started feeling normal I recorded some demos to get back in the swing of things. Unintentionally, these demos sounded very good and it was clear to me this was Waxen material. I quickly recorded the fourth Waxen album "Terror Decree". I asked Moribund Records if they would change their release schedule regarding my work and issue the Waxen album and give me additional time to get my neo-classical guitar playing back in shape and release my solo guitar album later. They listened to the new Waxen album and agreed. Luckily my hand and tendonitis issue has made a full recovery and I am teaching guitar full time.

Back to the subject of picking my projects carefully as I am now aware there is an eventual expiration date on my ability to make music. I have decided to put both Affliktor and Where Evil Follows on indefinite hiatus. The music of both of those projects resonates heavily in the music of Waxen and Necrytis and those are both more musically and ideologically representative of myself. I know there are many enthusiastic Affliktor supporters and I don't let my listeners down. Therefore I recorded a final farewell Affliktor EP entitled "Blade From The West". I have chosen to self release this EP in limited quantities direct to the listeners because I enjoy dealing firsthand with so many of you that have come to support my music through the years. This Affliktor EP quickly sold out and the tracks will be included as bonus material on the forthcoming Waxen album mentioned earlier. Thanks for your support." - Toby Knapp