Toby has finished all rhythm, bass guitar and drum tracks for the as of yet untitled 2018 instrumental solo album for Moribund Records! Engineer, producer extraordinaire Brett Hansen will be mastering the album at Audio Art Studios in Las Vegas, NV. Hansen engineered, mixed and mastered Knapp's first album "Guitar Distortion" in 1993 and did it again nine years later with Onward's "Reawaken"! It's an honor to be working with him again! CHECK OUT A TRACK FROM KNAPP'S FORTHCOMING INSTRUMENTAL OPUS HERE: COLD WARRIOR

Toby is recording guest solos and guitar riffery for upcoming releases from Italy's Von Hexe and the U.S. cult legend Fetid Zombie!

India's Transcending Obscurity Records have renewed Knapp's contract (originally a one album deal) for a second Affliktor album!