New Toby Knapp album on the way!

My new solo instrumental album "From the Aether" is finally finished! Eight new traditional heavy metal tracks with tons of neoclassical guitar work! Next on the agenda is to mix the album and send it off to be mastered. Moribund Records will be releasing the record when everything is turned in. I am hoping to have the album out before the summer. 

In other news, Waxen's "Blasphemer in Celestial Courts" will be released on limited edition colored vinyl format later in the year! More details very soon. 

I finally am active on Instagram. I'll be posting pics of my favorite musical instruments and classic metal and rock lp's! Join me here:

Toby Knapp Instagram

Finally,  I don't know what to say about any future live performances. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I have remained healthy throughout the covid bullshit by strictly following the guidelines. Obviously most musicians are in the same holding pattern at this time. 

Everyone take care and thank you for your support!  Toby