New Instrumental Solo Album Finished!

The new solo album from TK "Blizzard Archer" is done! The album has been mastered by world renowned producer Brett Hansen at Audio Art Studios in Las Vegas (Brett engineered Knapp's first album "Guitar Distortion" and co-produced/engineered Onward's "Reawaken" in addition to working on the music of Borknagar, BB King, Goatlord, Autopsy, Moonspell, Unleashed, Grave, Shrapnel Records and Century Media releases, etc!!)

Knapp recently signed with Moribund Records as a solo artist (in addition to separate contracts for Waxen and Where Evil Follows). Moribund Records has been well known as the leading U.S. force in Extreme Metal (especially Black Metal) so releasing an instrumental neo-classical metal guitar album is a first for the label and a great way to get Knapp's solo albums back on record store shelves with superb distribution. "Blizzard Archer" will be released worldwide in January 2019 on Moribund's new sub-label "Moribund Rockers".

"Blizzard Archer" follows a similar path to Knapp's 2016 album "The Architect of Paradox" but with slightly heavier compositions and more focused guitar soloing. Listen to a sample here!

In the meantime, Moribund Records has just unleashed the fourth Waxen album "Terror Decree" worldwide!

Knapp is currently working on the third Necrytis album "Lux Mystere" which will most likely be released by Pure Steel Records Germany next year.