As I have mentioned, I've just finished my instrumental guitar album for Moribund Records. "From the Aether" will be released worldwide in late May/early June. 

Recording that album seemed to turn on a creative flow that is continuing. I am very much into Traditional Heavy Metal right now, so the time is right for another album that showcases the genre. Work on the second Where Evil Follows album has begun!

WEF signed to Moribund Records in 2014 and our debut "Portable Darkness" was released the following year. The project was named after an Onward song because I wanted to tour and play Onward music while forging ahead simultaneously. 

WEF has a new vocalist whom will be revealed at a later date. Onward and Necrytis listeners can expect a total return to bombastic yet melodic Traditional Heavy/Power Metal. I estimate the album out this summer on Moribund Records. Thanks for your support!