2019 Updates!!!

Lots going on here in the TK camp!

Toby's new instrumental solo album "Blizzard Archer" will be released worldwide Feb. 8th by Moribund Rockers Records! Knapp will be doing a series of shows to promote the record including one in his hometown of Sheridan, Wy. supporting guitar legend Larry Mitchell (July 10th at Luminous Brewhouse). This will be Knapp's first hometown performance in over a decade!

A re-issue of Onward's fourth album "New Fathoms Down" was released Dec. 18th on limited edition digi-pak cd format by Crushing Notes Entertainment!

Both albums "Blizzard Archer" and "New Fathoms Down" were mastered by legendary producer Brett Hansen at his state of the art facility "Audio Art" in Las Vegas, NV. Hansen is well known for working on albums by BB King, Borknagar, Moonspell, Unleashed, Autopsy in addition to many other titles on Shrapnel Records and Century Media!

You can pick up both albums (in addition to several others) by clicking on the links provided in the discography section of this site.

Necrytis are busy working on their third album "Lux Mystere". The album will most likely see a release later this year on Pure Steel Records. Greek Magazine 'Metal Daze' recently voted Necrytis's second album "Dread En Ruin" as the third best Heavy Metal album of 2018.

Knapp's Black Metal project 'Waxen' released a fourth album "Terror Decree" in late 2018 on Moribund Records! This is a deluxe cd that contains the 2018 Affliktor EP "Blade From The West". Be sure to check out this release also on our discography page!