Track listing for new solo album!

I can't believe I finished this album! The writing and creative process kept coming and going throughout the last year.  I can usually crank albums out very quickly without doubt or second guessing. Remember,  "From the Aether" was going to be a complete departure from heavy metal.  It started as a blues album.  The end result is a pure heavy metal onslaught that utilizes everything from vintage neoclassical metal to black metal. Hopefully you enjoy it!

I am preparing the album today to ship out to maestro musician and engineer Brett Hansen of Audio Arts Studio in Las Vegas. His contributions to my music since my debut album on Shrapnel Records in 1993 have been invaluable.

Track listing for Toby Knapp "From the Aether" coming summer 2021 on Moribund Records:

1. Scavenger of the Gods 

2. From the Aether

3. The Emerald Tablet 

4. Labyrinthine Windings 

5. Honorius 

6. Psychic Contagion 

7. Scythian Sea 

8. The Greater Fortune 

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