Wrapping up the Where Evil Follows album!

I certainly didn't expect to be doing another WEF album, especially after just finishing my solo instrumental album (which is being prepared for release).

Recording the solo album seemed to open up a lot of ideas; writing better arrangements…


Release date for solo album announced and more!

Moribund Records has set the release date for my solo album "From the Aether"! June 11th the record will be out worldwide on cd and  all digital and streaming platforms. I hope to play some regional shows (possibly more) this…


Where Evil Follows album info!

I am midway through the recording of the second WEF album. I had not planned on doing this album! After I finished my solo album a floodgate of new material emerged. Writing music can be a difficult process so when…



As I have mentioned, I've just finished my instrumental guitar album for Moribund Records. "From the Aether" will be released worldwide in late May/early June. 

Recording that album seemed to turn on a creative flow that is continuing. I…


Track listing for new solo album!

I can't believe I finished this album! The writing and creative process kept coming and going throughout the last year.  I can usually crank albums out very quickly without doubt or second guessing. Remember,  "From the Aether" was going to…