Journal from Last FM radio

"Polarizing Lines is a fast and heavy instrumental metal album by guitarist Toby Knapp (Godless Rising, Waxen, Onward (the metal band) and tour guitarist for Darkane on their 2009 Canadian tour). Knapp made a name for himself fusing progressive metal time signatures with death and black metal influenced instrumentals as early as 1993, playing with a style described by one popular Canadian magazine "Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles" as "A guitar wizard who sounds like a crackhead fistfight between Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhodes". Knapp has gained a (small) following and many positive critical reviews since then, but has found himself moving from band to band and label to label without a very solid regularity or distribution to his releases. Perhaps a limiting factor to the growth of Knapp's fanbase is the chasm of difference between traditional metal, death metal and instrumental music that limits the number of fans to whom the entirety of Knapp's projects will appeal to." LAST FM

Journal excerpt on Toby Knapp from Last FM