Did you ever hear of Wyoming? Well I hadn’t, not before this review at least. Wyoming is famous for two things apparently, first is Yellowstone National Park and the subsequent Yellowstone volcano, and second is, as you could have guessed, the legend called Toby Knapp. 
Did you see that album art? Yes you did, because I uploaded it in the full 1200×1200 display instead of the usual 500×500 size. This is a work of art. Do you feel the sheer badassery that radiates from the guitar? It pierces straight into your soul. Not to mention the brilliant lightening and saturation choices. And do you feel that Toby Knapp stare? That handsomeness? Do not show this to your partner, Toby might just steal yo girl. This is most certainly one of the most memorable album covers ever made. But how is the music? 
Wait there is actually music? Oh right of course I’m reviewing a music album, not discussing the legend of Toby Knapp and the brilliance of this album art. Essentially this is heavy metal, but then minus the vocals and up the tech. I genuinely enjoyed this album. Throughout its short duration of 33 minutes Knapp keeps things interesting the entire time. His lead work is great and the programmed drums are powerful. It’s not really riffy though if that’s what you’re looking for. That’s not to say there aren’t good riffs (there are), but the focus is mostly on harmonies and soloing (like Iron Maiden, for example). I don’t have much else to say about this record. Blizzard Archer is not anything particularly new, but there’s enough substance to warrant a few listens. Beware though, do not look at the album art for too long because Toby Knapp pierces straight into the essence of your being. 

Recommended tracks: Midnight in Guyana, 13 Astral Gateways, Blizzard Archer 
Recommended for fans of: Iron Maiden, 80s metal (with modern production) 
Final verdict: 10/0 (yeah you read that right, INFINITY!!!!!!! (though you can decide for yourself whether that’s negative or positive infinity :P))

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